Press DLP/OK

Joos-Troughfeed-Press DLP/OK

Economic veneering means a head start in quality and quantity in this time. The
Joos-Thoughfeed-Presses meet the demands to the cost-efficient, economic and
environmental-friendly machine.

The Joos-Throughfeed-Press DLP/OK is characterized by its solid construction and matured technique. We ensure a simple and safe operation as well as a durable product by using standardized components.

The Joos-Throughfeed-Presses are manufactured as serial machine as well as customized design.


> Joos-A.B.S.-Safety-System

> Golden anodized heating platens

> Dynamic piston bearing

> Integrated SPS-control

> Heating options: electric, hot water, thermo-oil

> Fast-exchange tensioning system for foil

> Electronic temperature control systems

> Heat gerneration with the in-house heating system

> Suitable for production lines

> Loading of the machine from the small or wide side