Joos-Quality-Press HP

The Joos-Quality-Press HP is the “classic” of company Joos. This is classified as the first hydraulic press that is especially developed and manufactured for the craft. It has been continuously enhanced and is available in many different versions so this press is still the foundation of the press production of Joos.

The Joos-Quality-Presses is characterized not only by the long-life cycle and the stability but also because the diversity of the equipment.

Our veneer presses are available in electrically as well as medium heated version or as cold press.


> Joos-A.B.S.-Safety-System

> Golden anodized heating platens

> Dynamic piston bearing

> Clearly arranged swivelling control box

> Heating options: electric, hot water, thermo-oil

> Execution as one or multi daylight press

> Variable hoist limiting

> Electronic temperature control systems

> Heat coupling to the house heating